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Terry Pratchett

I own a copy of every single one of the Discworld series.

I remember a friend of my brother coming to my house way back in 1984 with a copy of The Colour of Magic
 in his hand and handing it to me saying I think he wrote this book just for you.

And every book felt like that and I am going to miss him terribly.

And the twitter post made me cry.


And let me be the first to post a round up of some of the year's big stories in pictures.........


"Severus Snape" is trending on Twitter.
*happy little squee* 

Empty Sky

I live not far from one of the major airports serving London and also beneath the London circular air route used to stack planes coming into Heathrow. Which means there is usually a plane somewhere in the sky when you look up.
And today? For the first time in my life the sky is empty - no sky trails, no faint engine noise.
The reason?
A volcano!
I am rather curious to see this dust cloud for myself so will keep looking up!

Twitter Snape (sort of)

Dr Horrible's Sing-a long Blog

Go watch NOW - NOW people - up for a few days only -  a present of genius from Joss Whedon.


(Thanks to Neth Dugan for the heads-up)

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?


You are a wise one, my dear! Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, disciplined war, philosophy and knowledge. She is a selective Goddess, as she only inhabits those of your high intelligence and keenness to learn great things. You’re usually not seen without a book in your hand or your eyes glued to the internet (which is, after all, the great information highway!). This should not suggest that you don’t enjoy people, as your cleverness and sharp wit are usually in full force when in a social situation, to everyone’s delight.

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Happy Returns!

 A Very Happy Birthday to brandi1498Your fortitude and enthusiasm never fail to make my day!
Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to ancientgirl

May large volumes of the ready stuff flow your way this year!

Many Returns

 A Very Happy Birthday to APYTHIA
 who warms the cockles of our hearts with much AR goodness
and tales of editorial woe!